Amerks Extra was founded during one of the darkest hours in Rochester Americans’ history. After enduring multiple changes in ownership, the Rochester Americans had a roster with no character, management that was incapable of building a winning team, and a fan base that was increasingly disconnected. Local media outlets dissolved their sports departments and previously reliable Twitter accounts and blogs went dormant. TV news offered little more than score updates for the occasional game. The Rochester Americans hockey club, with its storied history and passionate fan base, was in danger of losing its identity. Amerks Extra was born out of the need to give the average fan a voice and protect Rochester interests. Since its inception, Amerks Extra has provided a platform for fans to convey their thoughts about the state of hockey in Rochester and discuss the team they love.

Amerks Extra is most active on Twitter. We provide live-tweeting during games, analysis after, and we’re never ones to hold back our opinions. By definition we are non-traditional media — that is, we are a website that does not offer a traditional printed publication. That being said, we provide some of the most in-depth coverage of the Rochester Americans available. In addition to working full-time jobs, Amerks Extra contributors spend countless hours attending games and practices, watching game replays, combing through interviews, and monitoring the wire for transactions — all on a volunteer basis. Contributors attend games and subscribe to away game video feeds at their own expense. Because Amerks Extra contributors are unfettered by traditional constraints we are able to “call out” players, coaches, management, and even team ownership, when it is necessary or in the best interest of Rochester hockey fans.

Amerks Extra has always been about engaging and providing an outlet for all fans. If you are interested in writing for Amerks Extra don’t hesitate to contact us with a sample of your writing and a description of what aspect(s) of the Amerks you’re interested in writing about.

Current Contributors
Chris Schiffner — Founder / Editor / Twitter